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Ethical and Social Issues of Genome Editing

Aula De Ponti, Palazzo Bo, Via VIII Febbraio 2, Padova


Friday, May 31
From 3 to 6 p.m.


The recent advent of CRISPR-Cas9 – a revolutionary genome-editing
technology – has created worldwide excitement in the scientific
community. Indeed, thanks to this very efficient tool, biologists are
making fundamental discoveries in basic research and trying out new
genome-editing strategies whose impact on healthcare, agriculture and
the environment is bound to be unprecedented.
At the same time, these developments raise complex ethical and social
issues. To discuss such repercussions and identify responsible ways
forward, meaningful conversations are needed among scientists,
philosophers, policymakers and informed stakeholders.
In the framework of the Advanced course in bioethics and of the Master
degree course in medical biotechnologies of Padua University, an
international seminar has been organized to open up a dialogue between
researchers of the Department of Molecular Medicine using CRISPR in
their studies and a leading expert on the related ethical and social

Everyone interested in the topic is welcome to attend and to take part
in the debate.

Aula De Ponti
Palazzo Bo
Via VIII Febbraio, 2

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